Blog :: 07-2013

Summer Real Estate Market on Martha's Vineyard!

The real estate market on Marthas Vineyard continues to gain strength in its recovery from the 2008 recession. Weve been experiencing vibrant sales and rental activity all around. This is great news for all and is an occasion for both buyers and sellers to rejoice and take advantage of the opportunity to successfully jump into the mix and accomplish reasonable objectives. The market is neither a sellers market nor is it a buyers market. Instead it is a healthy mix of activity in which demand and supply have equilibrated. In the buyers favor, there is still a healthy load of inventory to choose from and, although prices are hardening up from 2008, they still havent had any noticeable increase. From the sellers point of view, there is a big pent up demand from the recession years. Prospective buyers who were previously faced with the uncertainty of the global economy have emerged from hibernation and are now actively seeking properties. Also, interest rates continue to be at all time lows making the supply of mortgage money affordable. In short, this is the perfect storm for real estate, and if you ever wanted to either sell or buy something on Marthas Vineyard, your window is now open.

The Fourth of July

The colorful display of the Fourth of July Fireworks in Edgartown on Marthas Vineyard is always one of our summer surprises. Even fighting the crowds and traffic on the journey is still worth the effort once you reach your destination and get yourself situated for the main event. But if you are among the many who really dont know where to go to observe all of the festivities, I would like to share my own secrets. Assuming you know how to get to Edgartown, you will have a number of options. For the person who may be somewhat crowd averted, let me suggest that you go along Beach Road and then stop after big bridge, the second bridge, park on the road, go on the beach with your chair comfort food of your choice and relax until it gets nice and dark and keep looking to the, soon the explosions of color appear in the sky. But the beach is a long way off! So lets now make the journey right into the village of Edgartown and plow our way down to the harbor, take a left on North Water Street, and walk a few blocks up to the Harbor View Hotel. If you can find standing room, or can take a stroll down towards the light house, or better yet, have a drink on the Harbor Views vast porch, you will now have a front row seat and will receive the optimum exposure from this wonderful sound and light show. I do have one more suggestion and it is one that I have had the privilege to enjoy. I was once invited to a fourth of July party in Edgartown Harbor aboard a clients 50 foot sail boat.So if you have good connections, believe me, take that option! Oh, and one more secret..Oak Bluffs fireworks in August are even better